Dulce Enero 2020

Dulce Enero 2020
AltoLandon, Castilla-La Mancha 50cl  White  ABV 13.5%

Various suppliers, around £19.99. On offer at Majestic for £16.99

This was opened on Christmas Eve and was very much enjoyed with some Spanish cheeses and cold meats. Ice wine is just as interesting as it sounds. To make it, grapes are frozen on the vine to concentrate the natural sugars, so that when they are pressed, they create a lusciously sweet wine.

The wine is produced in DO Manchela by Rosalia Molina. At 100 metres above sea level, the vineyard is the highest in Spain. A small parcel of Petit Manseng is left on the vine after harvesting, to be collected in January (hence the name of the wine – “Sweet January”), after the grapes have frozen.

Well balanced with intense notes of peach, apricot and honey with a slight touch of spice. It pairs well with strong cheese, paté, and desserts.

Quality:  Very Good

Value for Money: Good – Very Good