Navarra Garnacha Roble 2018

Navarra Garnacha Roble 2018
Mezquiriz 75cl  Red  ABV 14%

LIDL £6.99

With all due respect, LIDL’s wines are generally better known for their price than their quality. You can get a bottle of Rioja for a fiver, but it’s really only fit to cook with. Having said that, I once vacillated for far too long over a bottle of Ribera del Duero for £7 and when I got it home, it was superb. Anyway, this Garnacha Roble is quite a find.

The wine is made from 100% garnacha grown in the region of Navarra. It then spends a few months in oak.

Ruby red colour with some slight vanilla from the oak and bags of candied fruit, cherry and plum.

Would go well with any roasted vegetables or meat.

Quality:  Very Good

Value for Money: Very Good