SalmorejoBy tapasonlineSalmorejo is a cold soup from Andalusia where it is perfect for the heat of summer. It has a thick, creamy consistency, but you may adapt this to taste. The toppings also are entirely optional and may be altered for a vegetarian version.
GazpachoBy tapasonlineThis Andalusian cold soup must be one of the quintessential flavours of summer in Spain. It can be eaten from a bowl or, with a thinner consistency, sipped from a glass. There are many variations and some include fruit – grapes, melon and even strawberries.
Ajo BlancoBy tapasonlineAjo Blanco is a cold almond and garlic soup which was introduced to southern Spain by the Moors. There are a few variations on the theme, but this is the basic recipe. Feel free to add extra garlic or sherry vinegar to taste and try experimenting with the garnish.
Salsa RomescoBy tapasonlineRomesco is a classic Catalan sauce which features in many recipes as an integral part or an accompaniment. It is great cold as a dipping sauce. There are a number of variations and you can tweak it to make your own, but this is a quick and easy authentic version.
Salsa RojaBy tapasonlineThis a slightly piquant red sauce, similar to a mojo, which will provide an accompaniment as a dip or a garnish for many dishes. If piquillo peppers are not available, you can roast and skin red bell peppers.
Salsa VerdeBy tapasonlineA zingy green sauce which is also suitable as a dip or a garnish.
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