Pollo con Calabacín y FrijolesBy tapasonlineChicken with courgette, beans and sobrasada - chicken thighs are traditional, but if you don't like bones, you can use boneless thighs or chicken fillet. The recipe uses butterbeans, but almost any bean can be used as an alternative variation.
Carrilleras en JerezBy tapasonlinePork cheeks in sherry with Manchego mashed potatoes - pork cheeks are a surprisingly tasty offcut of meat when cooked for a long time. If you can manage to get hold of some Spanish Ibérico pork cheeks, you will taste the difference. There is no need to use expensive sherry - a fortified wine suitable for cooking will be fine. The mashed potatoes are optional, but do make a lovely accompaniment to the sauce.
Arroz con SetasBy tapasonlineRice with wild mushrooms - You can actually use any mushrooms for this dish, but wild or woodland mushroms are quite easy to find (from a store, that is. Don't go picking your own unless you really know what you are doing!) To make the dish vegetarian, simply omit the bacon and perhaps add some sliced peppers.
Cordero al Vino Tinto con Pimientos RojosBy tapasonlineFillet of lamb cooked in a rich red wine sauce, served with roasted peppers - Lamb fillets are quite easy to obtain, but try to ensure that they are a suitable size and shape for medallions. It doesn’t matter too much about the quality or provenance of the wine, but it needs to be robust. If you are making the dish in advance, then you don’t need to reduce the sauce as much, as you will do that when you re-heat it.
Patatas con CalamaresBy tapasonlinePotatoes with cuttlefish - Traditionally, this recipe from Andalucia uses cuttlefish (sepia or choco) and if you can obtain some, that is more authentic, but squid is fine.
Champiñones al AjilloBy tapasonlineGarlic mushrooms - They are, of course, ubiquitous, but what makes this simple dish Spanish is the dash of pimentón and the splash of sherry. You can, of course, add more garlic to taste.
Garbanzos con EspinacasBy tapasonlineChickpeas with spinach and tomato - This inexpensive dish from Andalucia is simple to make, but packed with flavour. If you prefer, you can use dried chickpeas. Soak them overnight, change the water and cook them before adding to the dish, with a pinch of salt.
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