Pulpo a la FeriaBy tapasonlineGalician ("fairgound") octopus - also known as Pulpo a la Gallega, this is a traditional dish from the region of Galicia in northern Spain. Traditionally, the octopus is tenderized by banging against a stone, but this is more easily accomplished by freezing it. The potatoes are the usual accompaniment, but sometimes the octopus is served on its own.
Frito de PescadoBy tapasonlineMallorcan fried fish - the ingredients for this dish are quite variable. Cuttlefish and octopus may be used, but it does require a firm white fish like monkfish. Peas are optional and green peppers and artichokes may be added.
Conejo con CebollaBy tapasonlineRabbit with onions - rabbit can be something of a Marmite dish – people either love it or hate it – and it can be difficult to find, but this recipe, which is very popular in Spain and the Balearics is definitely worth trying. It can be enjoyed as soon as it is ready or re-heated later, when some say the flavour will have improved.
Chipirones en SalsaBy tapasonlineBaby squid in sauce - this dish is best made with chipirones, also known as puntillitas or chopitos, the very small baby squid that are normally sourced from southern Spain, but any small squid will suffice, or you could even use a large one cut into pieces.
Frito MallorquinBy tapasonlineMallorcan lamb fry - traditionally, this dish is made with lamb heart, liver and lungs which are collectively known as an asadura. These are readily available pre-packed in supermarkets in Mallorca, but partly because of the difficulty of obtaining the ingredients elsewhere and partly due to the frequent aversion to hearts and lungs, this recipe uses just liver. A similar dish called frit de matances uses pork and pork liver.
Mejillones con TomateBy tapasonlineMussels with tomato - fresh mussels are readily available, but must be kept cold and used without any undue delay. Ensure that the shells are closed when you buy them. An alternative is the pre-prepared packs, but as with all vacuum-packed foods, check that the seal is intact. You can use fresh tomatoes, skinned and chopped, but a good quality can is easier.
ZarzuelitaBy tapasonlineSeafood medley in white wine and tomato - Zarzuela is a type of Spanish musical theatre and the dish of the same name is so-called because of the number of different components. This zarzuelita is a simplified form ideal as a tapa. If you are making a larger quantity, you can add fish, clams and scallops and perhaps a little fish stock. Some recipes even include ham, pork or chorizo.
Pechuga de Pato con Alubias y RomeroBy tapasonlineDuck breast with beans, sherry and rosemary - there is no need to use an expensive sherry, but it needs to be medium to full cream. Of course, if you’re only making a few tapas, you might want to buy a nice bottle and drink the rest.
Pollo a la RiojanaBy tapasonlineRioja-style chicken with chorizo in white wine - as the name implies, this dish originated in La Rioja in northern Spain. If you don’t have any piquillo peppers, you can roast and peel a bell pepper, or simply de-seed, slice and fry with the chorizo.
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