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Berenjenas con MielBy tapasonlineFried aubergine with honey - In Andalusia it is normally made with miel de caña, a type of molasses. If you can manage to find some, or a suitable substitute like black treacle, it will also make the dish vegan. You can use either round slices or batons for this recipe - both are used in Spain. It is best served immediately, but can be re-heated in the oven.
Gambas Salteadas con Sobrasada de MallorcaBy tapasonlineKing prawns sautéed with Majorcan sobrasada - This is a very impressive dish, so buy the largest and best quality king prawns you can find. Sobrasada (there are both mild and slightly spicy versions) is availabe from specialist delis and online suppliers.
Pimientos de Padrón Rellenos de QuesoBy tapasonlinePadrón peppers stuffed with cheese - the recipe uses tetilla because it is produced in Galicia, like the peppers, but any soft cheese will be fine. As an alternative to frying, you can cook the peppers on a baking sheet in a hot oven if you prefer.
ChurrosBy tapasonlineChurros, a type of fried dough, are often thought of as a dessert, but in Spain they are more of a breakfast item or a snack; on the go in a paper cone or in a café or specialist churreria, with coffee or thick hot chocolate. You can use a pastry bag with a star nozzle to make them or you can buy a churrera.
Pollo con Calabacín y FrijolesBy tapasonlineChicken with courgette, beans and sobrasada - chicken thighs are traditional, but if you don't like bones, you can use boneless thighs or chicken fillet. The recipe uses butterbeans, but almost any bean can be used as an alternative variation.
Calabacines Empanados con QuesoBy tapasonlineBreaded courgettes with cheese - whilst best served as soon as they are ready, they will actually keep for a day in a sealed container in the 'fridge, to be re-heated later. Get the largest courgette(s) you can find and If you have some powdered cheese, this will make it easier to distribute, but a finely grated hard cheese like Manchego or Parmesan should be fine.
Chistorra con Pimientos del PiquilloBy tapasonlineChistorra sausage with piquillo peppers - piquillo peppers normally come in tins, but if they are not available, you can substitute a red pepper, roasted and peeled.
Chistorra con PatatasBy tapasonlineChistorra sausage with potatoes and egg - this dish is similar to the classic patatas con chorizo, except for the addition of the egg. If you are making a few dishes, the chistorra and potatoes will sit happily in the bottom of the oven and the eggs can be added just before service.
Chistorra a la SidraBy tapasonlineChistorra sausage cooked in cider - chorizo, especially mini chorizos, may be substituted for the chistorra in this simple, but tasty dish. It should really be made with Spanish cider from Asturias, but any dry cider will be fine.
Chistorra al Pedro XiménezBy tapasonlineChistorra sausage with Pedro Ximénez sherry - a very quick and simple dish, but the flavour is sensational. I normally suggest using cheap cooking sherry, but for this you need the real thing. The aroma when the sherry hits the pan is nothing short of sublime.
Carrilleras en JerezBy tapasonlinePork cheeks in sherry with Manchego mashed potatoes - pork cheeks are a surprisingly tasty offcut of meat when cooked for a long time. If you can manage to get hold of some Spanish Ibérico pork cheeks, you will taste the difference. There is no need to use expensive sherry - a fortified wine suitable for cooking will be fine. The mashed potatoes are optional, but do make a lovely accompaniment to the sauce.
Berenjenas GratinadasBy tapasonlineAubergine with melted cheese and tomatoes - There are many people who think that they don't like aubergine, but that is probably because it can be tough and chewy if undercooked. This dish, however, will melt in the mouth and may come as a pleasant surprise.
Pimientos de Padrón con Beicon y MielBy tapasonlinePadrón peppers with bacon and honey - Padrón peppers (sometimes called "Russian Roulette" peppers because most are mild, but the occasional one will blow your head off!) are normally simply fried in olive oil with salt, but this is a tasty variation. If you want to be a little more authentic, you can use panceta instead of bacon. Our thanks go to Kaleb Kerwin-Royle for this recipe.
Alitas de PolloBy tapasonlineSpicy chicken wings - Chicken wings make a tasty and very inexpensive dish. Serve three or four as an individual tapa or place a bowlful on the table for people to dig in - they are great for party food. You can, of course, adjust the seasonings to make them more or less spicy.
Gambas a la GaberdinaBy tapasonlineKing prawns in an overcoat - In this case, the overcoat is a light covering of batter. The saffron is an optional addition to give a more golden colour to the finished dish. Buy the biggest and best quality king prawns you can find for this recipe.
Queso Manchego FritoBy tapasonlineFried manchego cheese - This delicious tapa is in essence a very simple dish, but the trick is in ensuring that the cheese is adequately coated and in the time and temperature of the frying. You don't want to end up with an empty shell of fried breadcrumbs.
Rabo de ToroBy tapasonlineOxtail stew - Also known as Rabo de Buey and Cola de Toro, this Andalusian recipe was originally made with the tails of fighting bulls after the corrida. Now most restaurants, of course, use oxtail. It is a dish which requires a lot of patience, but with the end result it is amply rewarded.
Huevos al Horno con Patatas y ChorizoBy tapasonlineBaked eggs with potato and chorizo - If you don't have a cast-iron skillet, you can cook the potato and chorizo in a frying pan and then transfer it to an oven-proof dish before adding the eggs. When the eggs are cooked, the dish needs to be served, but the potato and chorizo mixture can be made in advance.
Arroz con SetasBy tapasonlineRice with wild mushrooms - You can actually use any mushrooms for this dish, but wild or woodland mushroms are quite easy to find (from a store, that is. Don't go picking your own unless you really know what you are doing!) To make the dish vegetarian, simply omit the bacon and perhaps add some sliced peppers.
Tallarines con Pollo y ChorizoBy tapasonlineTagliatelle with chicken and chorizo - Majorcan sobrasada makes a nice alternative to chorizo. It will cook faster than chorizo, so will need to be added when the chicken is nearly cooked. You may like to add a sprinkling of grated cheese to finish off the dish.
Atún EncebolladaBy tapasonlineTuna steak with onions & green peppers in white wine - Tuna is a firm-fleshed fish which lends itself to pan-cooking as it does not have a tendency to break up. It does not require much time, so be careful not to overcook it.
Samosas Mallorquinas con SobrasadaBy tapasonlineMajorcan samosas with sobrasada - East meets West with this delightful snack. Sobrasada and honey go perfectly together and this litle tapa can be served on its own or as part of a spread. They are best eaten straight away, but can be carefully frozen if only cooked half way, then finished off when needed. Makes 10 - 12 samosas.
Estofado de Venado con ChorizoBy tapasonlineVenison stew with chorizo - Venison is a very lean and healthy meat and is now widely available. The long, slow cooking makes the meat tender and allows the flavours to meld. It will keep in the fridge in a sealed container for 2-3 days. As an alternative, try adding potatoes or wild mushrooms, either with, or without the chorizo.
Muslos de Pollo con Chorizo, Alubias y CalabacinBy tapasonlineChicken thighs with chorizo, beans, and courgette - Boneless thighs are easier to deal with, but skin and bone lends flavour to the meat and keeps the chicken tender. A great dish to prep in advance, it is easy to re-heat and actually benefits from being left for the flavours to meld. Sobrasada may be substituted for chorizo. Place it in the dish last thing, before it is left to simmer, and it will melt into the sauce, providing richness and flavour.
Batata al horno con Aguacate y Queso CremaBy tapasonlineBaked sweet potato with avocado and cream cheese - The sweet potato can be left to cool and these little tapas are great for a buffet, but they are delicious whilst the sweet potato is still warm.
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