Pollo al ChilindrónBy tapasonlineChicken with tomatoes and peppers - this classic hearty chicken stew comes from the north of Spain and is surprisingly quick and easy to make.
Pollo Rebozado con Miel y MoztazaBy tapasonlineChicken in batter drizzled with honey and mustard - this is a variation on a traditional dish from Catalonia. There are many recipes for batter, so if you have your own favourite, by all means use it. Do ensure that the chicken is cooked through before serving.
Pollo a la RiojanaBy tapasonlineRioja-style chicken with chorizo in white wine - as the name implies, this dish originated in La Rioja in northern Spain. If you don’t have any piquillo peppers, you can roast and peel a bell pepper, or simply de-seed, slice and fry with the chorizo.
Pollo con PatatasBy tapasonlineChicken and potatoes in tomato sauce - a simple one-pot dish which is tasty and comforting at any time.
Pinchitos de PolloBy tapasonlineMini kebabs of marinated chicken - these little kebabs make great tapas or are really useful as part of a self-service buffet. They will benefit from being marinated, covered, for up to 12 hours in the ‘fridge, but if you don’t have time or space, they can be used straight away. The dry spices and salt can be pre-mixed and kept in a container for future use.
Pollo a la CremaBy tapasonlineChicken with mushrooms in a cream and brandy sauce - chicken partners with mushrooms in this deliciously creamy dish. Of course, if you don't like mushrooms, you can omit them, perhaps substituting something else, such as green pepper. Remember to have some bread handy to mop out the pan.
Pollo con BeiconBy tapasonlineChicken with bacon - The old favourites, chicken and bacon, combine here with a good hit of garlic - the quantity, of course, can be varied according to taste. This dish lends itself nicely to a sizzling platter, if you have one, but don’t allow it to dry out.
Pollo con Calabacín y FrijolesBy tapasonlineChicken with courgette, beans and sobrasada - chicken thighs are traditional, but if you don't like bones, you can use boneless thighs or chicken fillet. The recipe uses butterbeans, but almost any bean can be used as an alternative variation.
Alitas de PolloBy tapasonlineSpicy chicken wings - Chicken wings make a tasty and very inexpensive dish. Serve three or four as an individual tapa or place a bowlful on the table for people to dig in - they are great for party food. You can, of course, adjust the seasonings to make them more or less spicy.
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