Merluza a la CazuelaBy tapasonlineSpanish-style hake - chorizo and red peppers lend an interesting flavour combination to this traditional dish. If hake is not available, cod or haddock may be used instead.
Espinacas a la CatalanaBy tapasonlineCatalan spinach with raisins and pine nuts - This classic dish from Catalonia is quick and easy to make, but nonethless impressive and very tasty. The sherry is optional, as is lemon zest and apple, but it gives the dish a nice boost.
Atún en Salsa de Tomate PicanteBy tapasonlineTuna with spicy tomato sauce- this recipe makes quite a dry dish, but if you prefer more sauce, simply add more tomato and white wine, adjusting the seasoning if you wish. Frozen tuna is fine - defrost it in the refrigerator before using.
Montadito de Sobrasada con Miel y PiñonesBy tapasonlineCanapé of sobrasada with honey and pine nuts - This recipe is very adaptable. You can use any bread of your choice, lightly toasted if you wish, crackers or Spanish tortas de aceite if you have any. Sobrasada is a type of sausage from Mallorca, which comes in mild or spicy, so the choice is yours. If you allow it to come to room temperataure, it will be easier to spread.
Huevos RotosBy tapasonlineFried potatoes with eggs - There are many ingredients which go well with this dish and you can have fun experimenting. Try: Serrano ham - Chop or tear a slice of ham and stir it into the pan just before the eggs. Chorizo with piquillo peppers - Put sliced chorizo in the pan with the potatoes and add the strips of pepper just before the eggs. Majorcan sobrasada - Roughly chop the sobrasada and add it to the pan just before the eggs. Padrón peppers - Start cooking the peppers when the potatoes are about half way – allow them to blister. Asparagus tips - Cook the asparagus and add to the pan just before the eggs. Smoked salmon - Tear the salmon into pieces and add to the pan just before the eggs. Prawns with avocado - Cut the avocado into small slices and stir into the pan with the prawns, just before the eggs. .
Montadito de SetasBy tapasonlineWoodland mushrooms with garlic - Woodland mushrooms are readily available from supermarkets and greengrocers – I don’t suggest you pick your own unless you are certain you know what you’re doing! You can use oyster, shitake or any type of wild mushroom. They have an interesting texture and a more intense flavour than ordinary field mushrooms. .
Atún en AdoboBy tapasonlinePan-fried marinated tuna - use good quality tuna for this recipe - frozen is fine; just defrost in the refrigerator before dicing. The idea is for the tuna pieces to be dry enough to pick up and eat, but still tender and moist inside. You can put the them on cocktail sticks if you like and they can be served either hot or cold.
Atún EncebolladaBy tapasonlineTuna steak with onions & green peppers in white wine - Tuna is a firm-fleshed fish which lends itself to pan-cooking as it does not have a tendency to break up. It does not require much time, so be careful not to overcook it.
Batata al horno con Aguacate y Queso CremaBy tapasonlineBaked sweet potato with avocado and cream cheese - The sweet potato can be left to cool and these little tapas are great for a buffet, but they are delicious whilst the sweet potato is still warm.
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