Lentejas con Chorizo y Botifarra NegraBy tapasonlineLentils with chorizo and botifarra (sometimes called butifarra) negra - This dish makes a great winter warmer, but is tasty any time of year. Botifarra negra is a black (blood) pudding from Catalonia. Traditionally, Spanish pardina lentils would be used and cooked with the other ingredients, but this quick and easy recipe uses pre-cooked canned lentils.
Pollo con BeiconBy tapasonlineChicken with bacon - The old favourites, chicken and bacon, combine here with a good hit of garlic - the quantity, of course, can be varied according to taste. This dish lends itself nicely to a sizzling platter, if you have one, but don’t allow it to dry out.
Chorizo y Botifarra Negra en Salsa de Tomate PicanteBy tapasonlineChorizo and botifarra negra in spicy tomato sauce - botifarra (or butifarra) negra is a black (blood) pudding from Catalonia. It can be put into the dish later and remain fairly intact, or be allowed to break up and form part of the sauce. The amount of chilli can be decreased or increased according to taste.
Pollo con Calabacín y FrijolesBy tapasonlineChicken with courgette, beans and sobrasada - chicken thighs are traditional, but if you don't like bones, you can use boneless thighs or chicken fillet. The recipe uses butterbeans, but almost any bean can be used as an alternative variation.
Chistorra con Pimientos del PiquilloBy tapasonlineChistorra sausage with piquillo peppers - piquillo peppers normally come in tins, but if they are not available, you can substitute a red pepper, roasted and peeled.
Chistorra con PatatasBy tapasonlineChistorra sausage with potatoes and egg - this dish is similar to the classic patatas con chorizo, except for the addition of the egg. If you are making a few dishes, the chistorra and potatoes will sit happily in the bottom of the oven and the eggs can be added just before service.
Chistorra a la SidraBy tapasonlineChistorra sausage cooked in cider - chorizo, especially mini chorizos, may be substituted for the chistorra in this simple, but tasty dish. It should really be made with Spanish cider from Asturias, but any dry cider will be fine.
Chistorra al Pedro XiménezBy tapasonlineChistorra sausage with Pedro Ximénez sherry - a very quick and simple dish, but the flavour is sensational. I normally suggest using cheap cooking sherry, but for this you need the real thing. The aroma when the sherry hits the pan is nothing short of sublime.
Carrilleras en JerezBy tapasonlinePork cheeks in sherry with Manchego mashed potatoes - pork cheeks are a surprisingly tasty offcut of meat when cooked for a long time. If you can manage to get hold of some Spanish Ibérico pork cheeks, you will taste the difference. There is no need to use expensive sherry - a fortified wine suitable for cooking will be fine. The mashed potatoes are optional, but do make a lovely accompaniment to the sauce.
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