Gambas Salteadas con Pimientos de PadrónBy tapasonlineKing prawns with padrón peppers - this is one of those dishes which is more than the sum of its parts. Quick and easy to prepare, it is nonetheless impressive and needs no extra seasoning as the flavour comes from the prawns and peppers themselves. You can use a greater quantity of smaller prawns, but the dish works best with large, succulent ones.
Champiñones con BeiconBy tapasonlineMushrooms with bacon - this is one of those dishes which is greater than the sum of its parts. Simple Spanish cooking that always pleases.
Gambas al AjilloBy tapasonlineKing prawns with garlic and chilli - this dish is sometimes called Gambas PilPil - the names are interchangeble. Shell-on prawns are good as the shell helps to keep them succulent, but of course, peeled ones are easier to handle. You can also use a larger number of smaller prawns, but remember to adjust the cooking time accordingly.
Berenjenas con MielBy tapasonlineFried aubergine with honey - In Andalusia it is normally made with miel de caña, a type of molasses. If you can manage to find some, or a suitable substitute like black treacle, it will also make the dish vegan. You can use either round slices or batons for this recipe - both are used in Spain. It is best served immediately, but can be re-heated in the oven.
Pimientos de Padrón Rellenos de QuesoBy tapasonlinePadrón peppers stuffed with cheese - the recipe uses tetilla because it is produced in Galicia, like the peppers, but any soft cheese will be fine. As an alternative to frying, you can cook the peppers on a baking sheet in a hot oven if you prefer.
Pimientos de Padrón con Beicon y MielBy tapasonlinePadrón peppers with bacon and honey - Padrón peppers (sometimes called "Russian Roulette" peppers because most are mild, but the occasional one will blow your head off!) are normally simply fried in olive oil with salt, but this is a tasty variation. If you want to be a little more authentic, you can use panceta instead of bacon. Our thanks go to Kaleb Kerwin-Royle for this recipe.
Pez Espada a la ParillaBy tapasonlineGrilled swordfish - Swordfish is a firm fish which means it tends not to fall apart when grilling. As well as being very healthy, it is also sustainable, so makes an excellent choice. Steaks are normally about 2.5cm thick which makes them ideal for this tapa.
Pastelito de Patata con QuesoBy tapasonlinePotato cakes with cheese - This recipe is really like a potato rösti, but the pimentón and some Spanish cheese can provide it with an Iberian pedigree. You can use almost any cheese, but manchego grates well and San Simón melts readily and imparts a nice smoky flavour.
Bacalao con Sobrasada y MielBy tapasonlineCod with sobrasada and honey - Bacalao is actually salt cod, which is bought dried and then soaked. However, fresh cod or any firm white fish is fine. Swordfish and monkfish would also work well. Sobrasada is a soft Mallorcan sausage which makes a delicious sauce mixed with honey.
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