Pacharán (patxaran in Basque) is a liqueur flavoured with sloes, the fruit of the blackthorn. It is made primarily in Navarre, where it has PGI status which regulates the production. Normally served chilled as a digestif, it is reddish-brown in colour, warming and refreshing on the palate with a taste of aniseed.

Pacharán is made by macerating sloe berries in alcohol for up to eight months, with the addition of aniseed and a certain amount of sugar. The ABV is between 20 and 30%. It dates back to the middle ages, when it was used mainly for medicinal purposes, and continued to be home-made until the 1950s when commercial production began.

It is now sometimes used in cocktails, mixed with white wine, or drizzled over fruits and ice cream. It is readily available from suppliers of Spanish drinks.