Palma Diary, February/March 2019 – An Englishman abroad

Day 4 – Tuesday

I take the mid-morning train to Alaró to visit Sven and his English assistant Tristan at Forastera. They are preparing a new mobile bar for the fiesta in Palma at the weekend and we discuss developments at the brewery since my last visit. Sven shows me a new beer called Sa Roqueta – Mallorquin for “Little Rock”, which is what the Mallorcans fondly call the island (so do I, but that’s just being a poseur). He also tells me about a new “brew guy” in Llubi, so ‘phones him and, despite my reservations, leaves a message that I am keen to meet him.

Sven has some errands to run, so I wander into the little town square and have a nice pa amb oli for lunch. Whilst there, the brew guy, who turns out to be Eduardo, telephones and sounds very friendly. I tell him that I will try to make it to see him, but in reality, I am doubtful that I’ll manage it. On my return, Sven isn’t back yet so I accompany Tristan to their house, a short distance away. When Sven returns with his daughter Sofia, they have lunch on the roof terrace, with wonderful views. Envious? Oh, yes.

Sven gives me a lift back to Palma and Sofia comes with us. She’s only four years old and can understand Spanish, Catalan, German, and English!

In the evening, I go to Beer Lovers Bar and Restaurant. The brewery itself is in Alcudia, but last year they opened these premises in Palma. They have two or three of their own beers on tap, plus a large selection of international draught and bottled beers. I am just sampling my second when I am joined by a really friendly Welsh couple. We have a good old chinwag and I add beer aficionado to my tour guide credentials. After a few drinks, they leave and I take a table for dinner. I go for the pork cheeks marinated in stout and stuffed with goat’s cheese, served on a bed of mashed potato. It’s very good and, having had enough beer, I try a glass of Muac! from Terra de Falanis, which works really well.

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