Palma Diary, February/March 2019 – An Englishman abroad

Day 8 – Saturday

Today, it’s Toutatis at Cas Canar, a small hamlet near the town of Sencelles. Michel, the owner, had suggested I take a taxi from Inca, but as it’s a lovely day I think I’ll get the bus to Sencelles and then walk the couple of miles to Cas Canar.

It all goes according to plan, but when I arrive, Michel has just left. I can see the brewery anyway as it’s at the side of the bar, behind glass. The place is much smaller than it looks on the website and it’s hard to imagine it full with live music. I sit down and try the beers, which are all based on Belgian recipes.

I take some more photos outside. The place is an old finca in a glorious setting in open countryside. I stroll back to Sencelles and wait in the local café for the bus back to Palma.

It’s mid-afternoon now and I realise I am a tad peckish, so I stop off at Al Punt again. This time I have clams and fideos – a type of noodle paella. A little later I head back down to the festival. I’d had my eye on a particular local rice dish, but I really can’t manage it, so reluctantly I give it a miss. I finally bid farewell to Sebastián, who kindly insists I have one for the road, Sven, Tristan, and Pelayo and amble down to Antoni Maura, where I stop for a refreshing gin and tonic. I didn’t even know that Mallorca had local gins, but these days I suppose it’s not surprising.

I always like to squeeze as much as I can out of my last night, but there really isn’t anything else to do and I have to pack and get the 7.45 bus in the morning, so I wend my way back to the hotel.

Day 9 – Sunday

Up early and packed, it’s only a ten-minute walk to the bus stop for the airport. A leisurely coffee and the plane is on time. We land in Manchester and, of course it’s raining. I pick up the car and drive home without any hold-ups. In some ways it’s good to be back, but as usual I miss the little rock.