Palma Diary, Jan 2017 – An Englishman abroad

Day 4 – Tuesday

It’s a lovely day – blue skies and sunshine. I walk to Plaça d’España and take the train to Inca. As I feared, there is no almond blossom; just a load of dry twigs and a very occasional flower. I just hope that it is late due to the temperature and that the buds have not been killed off. There is still some evidence of the recent flooding. It was worse further north, around Sa Pobla, where much of the potato crop was devastated.

I have only driven through Inca before, so it’s nice to look around. It is famous for its ”Cellar” restaurants and I choose Ca’n Ripoll or Antiguo Cellar C’an Ripoll, to give it its full name. It claims to have been founded in 1768 and is full of character.

I start with Frito de Matanza, literally “the fry-up of slaughter”, not because you can feel your arteries hardening whilst you eat it, but because it’s traditionally made at the time of the annual pig-killing from all the little perishable bits of the pig which aren’t preserved to be eaten later. It’s very good and, though it’s only a half-portion, it’s very filling, so it’s with some trepidation that I wait for my next course. It’s lechona or suckling pig and it is quite delicious. Fortunately, it’s served with salad, so I manage to get through it.

So, I’ve well and truly pigged out. It’s a long time since I was foolish enough to believe that one had to pass through the threshold of pain to feel replete, but I’ve done it today. It matters not that I’ve gone slightly over-budget as, after that Pantagruelian feast, I shan’t be eating for the rest of the day.

It’s quite busy for a Tuesday, with a fairly eclectic clientele. The older people are speaking Mallorquin and the younger ones, Castilian.

I snooze on the train back to Palma and have a leisurely walk from the station, stopping for a cold beer at a roadside stall. Yes, here in the middle of the city is a small kiosk where you can perch on a stool and enjoy a drink. How civilized.

The cathedral looks beautiful in the sunshine and I walk over to gaze at the blue waters of the Mediterranean.

I can’t face a big night out, so I just pop into the Velvet Bar for a glass of wine and buy a can of Estrella Damm and some mineral water from the minimarket.

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