Palma Diary, June/July 2018 – An Englishman abroad

Day 1 – Monday

So, we’re off to Leeds/Bradford airport (used to call it Yeadon when I was a lad) to board the plane for Palma and then get the transfer to Palma Nova. Yes, you did read that correctly- Palma Nova. Now, anyone who knows me would be very surprised to find me staying in a seaside resort, but the thing is, it’s a family holiday and Elizabeth (she’s three now, believe it or not) likes nothing better than the beach. Besides, as the resorts go, it’s not at all bad and it’s only a short bus ride into Palma.

It’s actually a JET2 package holiday and it’s very well organized. The plane lands on schedule, but by the time we reach the hotel, it’s getting late, so we just grab a couple of litres of Alhambra from the supermarket opposite and settle in for the night. The hotel and apartment are nice and clean. There is a kitchen and a small terrace, but I am somewhat dismayed to discover that I have a sofa bed in the sitting room. However, it turns out to be very comfortable, so it’s fine.

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