Palma Diary, June/July 2018 – An Englishman abroad

Day 6 – Saturday

As it’s Saturday we decide to have a fairly relaxed day and to enable Charlotte and Kaleb to have some time to themselves, Elizabeth and I toddle off to the little playground by the beach where she has a great time. When I can finally pry her away, we mooch down the seafront and stop at Ciro’s Terraza for a drink and enjoy the view over the bay. The friendly waiter compliments me on my Real Mallorca shirt.

I take Elizabeth to join Mummy and Daddy on Son Matias Beach and this is my one and only walk, with some trepidation, across the sand. Beaches are just not my thing. I love the sea and enjoy few things more than gazing out over it with a cold drink, but sand? No.

On the way back, I buy a copy of the Daily Bulletin and stop at Rasputin, just around the corner from the hotel. It’s a very simple place of painted breezeblocks and I think I remember previous incarnations including “The Pub”. Maybe they get it on a short-term lease, I don’t know, but there is a nice terrace with a big television and the owner is friendly, so I read the ‘paper and watch some of the France-Argentina game.

In the evening, we go to The Grill House, immediately opposite the hotel. I use my best Spanish and nobody has a clue what I’m saying – they all speak English. Perhaps there’s a clue in the name of the place. I’m not sure of the various nationalities, but I have a chat with the obviously English waiter and he turns out to be a Wolves supporter.

So, a massive salmon fillet with terriyaki-style sauce. Perfectly cooked and most enjoyable. The large cocktail list has, surprisingly, quite a few including hierbas in the ingredients, so I assume I’ll be able to order a shot as a digestif but once again, nobody knows what I’m talking about until one of the waitresses suddenly shouts, “Ah, you mean the tunnel drink!” Tunel is one of the best-known manufacturers of hierbas. I get my drink and we all have a laugh – the service here is great. When I order a coffee, I say “Café solo….er…..I mean an espresso please”.

Back at the hotel, I open a bottle of José Ferrer Añada Roble 2014, which I’d bought earlier, and I have a glass on the terrace before bed.

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