Palma Diary, June/July 2018 – An Englishman abroad

Day 7 – Sunday

It’s Sunday, not that you’d know it in Palma Nova, so we elect to have another chilled day and stroll around, stopping at a car hire firm to order a car for tomorrow. Another compliment on a different Real Mallorca shirt from the owner. By the way, just in case you were wondering (I doubt you were), I’m only wearing shorts and a football top around the resort. I wouldn’t dream of not wearing long trousers and a shirt anywhere else.

We pop into Aldi to buy some comestibles for tea in the apartment and then the others go to the beach whilst I decide to try out The Olive Tree, an attractive restaurant with a large terrace, right on the promenade. I should have learnt my lesson at The Grill House, but I automatically ask for a table in Spanish. I assume the waiter is going to check the availability, but he’s actually gone to find someone who can understand me! A smiling waitress comes and says, “Can I help you?”. I only want a light lunch, so I try the platter with a whole roasted garlic bulb, olives, bread and dips. It’s really nice and as it’s baking hot now, I wash it down with a couple of pints of Estrella Galicia. There is a beautiful olive tree in the centre, where I’m sitting, and I tell the waitress how much I like it. She replies that it was very expensive and I don’t doubt it. It’s actually quite fortunate that I’m sitting where I am, as two of the large parasols suddenly collapse, but nobody is hurt.

As it’s so handy, I decide to watch the Spain-Russia match at Rasputin (the name made me wonder if the owner was Russian, but he isn’t, so I don’t know what the connection is) and a couple of English ladies and the owner’s mum join me at the table, so it’s very convivial.

We have a really nice meal in the apartment. Aldi seem to have done us proud and I even bought a couple of craft beers – 08 Summer Ale from 08003 Barceloneta and Lupulus from Cervesa del Montseny in Barcelona.

Not a particularly exciting day, but very pleasant.

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