Palma Diary, March 2016 – An Englishman abroad

Day 3

Coffee and ensaimada at the bar on the corner of Apuntadors and then walk down the front to have a look at the fleamarket. No sign of it. I think some of these markets are just put on in summer for the tourists.

I decide to walk on to Portitxol. It’s a gorgeous day and there is a beautiful view of the Bay of Palma. Not actually much there apart from a lot of boats and a row of fancy restaurants, but there is a real beach, so I can actually say I’ve been to the seaside! I call in Es Molina for a Cruz Campo and some olives.

A leisurely stroll back to Gaudeix for lunch. Some of the best food I’ve ever eaten. Baby squid stuffed with whole king prawn, garnished with squid ink; tataki of mallorcan pork on a base of ginger jam topped with fried juliennes of aubergine; cod topped with piped cream cheese on a bed of soft fried onions and buttifarra; lamb in a rich sauce surrounded by crumbs of sobrasada. Only fly in the ointment, the waitress drops a glass of red wine and it splatters all over my linen jacket.

It’s only a normal Saturday, yet the locals are dressed up to the nines or at least casually stylish. The Germans look like Germans and the Brits look like s**t.

Creased with indigestion last night, so I call in a Farmacia for some Rennies. €6!

In the evening I can’t face a long walk and loads to eat, so I pop down the road to the  garish but comfortable Bar Coto in Plaza Drassana. It’s very friendly and the waiter even gives me a glass of wine on the house after forgetting my order. I choose pa amb oli with ham and cheese, but when it arrives, the cheese is actually melted on the top. Not what I expected, but quite nice.

I’ve realised that the “type” that my son-in-law ascertained that I have (I didn’t even know) is epitomised by the chica mallorquina and tonight there is a table full of them. OMG, in love so many times!

The waiter drops a plate and it shatters (what is it with these?) and I so nearly shout, “Ai, mierda!”. Good in a way, but dangerous in another.

My €15 spend means I stay within budget so I go to the Mini Market across the road and get a litre of red wine, bottle of water and a mug for €4! High class tramp or what?

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