Sobrasada de Mallorca

Sobrasada is a soft spreadable sausage with a multitude of uses. Sobrasada de Mallorca has PGI protected status and is made from the meat of the local porc negre, or ‘black pig’, which is related to the ibérico pig of the mainland, but is slightly larger with a longer neck.

Firstly, the pork is minced to a quite fine texture, to which pimentón, salt and spices (such as pepper, rosemary, thyme and oregano) are added. The mixture is mechanically kneaded into a dough, which is then stuffed into natural gut.

The second stage, curing, is carried out in drying sheds, where the product will be cured for up to six months (depending on its size), to obtain the product’s unique characteristics.

It is often simply spread on bread or toast, but it can be fried in slices or melted into casseroles. It can make a fabulous sauce, especially with honey, and its versatility even lends itself to desserts in Mallorca – try it with fresh figs or baked apple.