The guv’nor Wine

the guv’nor
Félix Solis  75cl  Red  ABV 14%

Majestic £6.99 (mix 6)

Some time ago, if you’d presented me with a wine called the guv’nor, with the back label reading thus – “the guv’nor rules his establishment with confident poise, yet his disarming politeness conveys a sense of wariness. He is not a man to be trifled with. Like his choice in beer, his wine is handcrafted and carefully selected to ensure both he and his associates are rewarded with a wine that hits the spot. the guv’nor stamps his approval on the cap of each bottle” – I should have damned it for shameful marketing and refused to drink it.

That would be a mistake, because this wine is good and also comes in at a good price with a respectable ABV of 14%. It is produced by Félix Solis and has no vintage and no mention of grapes on the label, though we are told that they come from a number of regions including Toro, La Mancha and Valdepeñas; the blend is made of local clones of the Tempranillo variety.

The flavour is oaky vanilla with rich dark fruit including bramble and blackcurrant.

It is recommended to be paired with lamb, lasagne, pizza, and blue cheese.

Quality:  Very Good

Value for Money: Very Good