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Tapas – The Little Dishes of Spain – Volume 1 – FIRST EDITION


Frederick Sleap


Dec 2019



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This is the First Edition of the book, of which there are just a few examples left. It has been superceded by the Second Edition, but the only edits have been to the layout, a couple of photographs and the back cover. The text and all the recipes are exactly the same. The list price is £7.95, so this is your chance to grab a bargain while stocks last.

Your Guide to Authentic Spanish Tapas!

  • Easy step-by-step instructions

  • Colour photographs

  • Guide to ingredients

  • Sauces and accompaniments

70 pages

Tapas have increased greatly in popularity and availability in recent years. Perhaps you’ve enjoyed them on holiday or on a visit to a Spanish restaurant and now you’d like to recreate them at home for yourself, family and friends. Well, look no further – this book is packed with easy and approachable recipes for authentic Spanish tapas and illustrated throughout with colour photographs. There’s also step by step instructions for sauces and accompaniments plus a guide to ingredients.The author used to run his own tapas bar, so knows a thing or two about Spanish food and here he passes some of his secrets on to you. So get your apron on with a drink of your choice and get cooking – ¡Que aproveche!