Muslos de Pollo con Chorizo, Alubias y CalabacinBy tapasonlineChicken thighs with chorizo, beans, and courgette - Boneless thighs are easier to deal with, but skin and bone lends flavour to the meat and keeps the chicken tender. A great dish to prep in advance, it is easy to re-heat and actually benefits from being left for the flavours to meld. Sobrasada may be substituted for chorizo. Place it in the dish last thing, before it is left to simmer, and it will melt into the sauce, providing richness and flavour.
Batata al horno con Aguacate y Queso CremaBy tapasonlineBaked sweet potato with avocado and cream cheese - The sweet potato can be left to cool and these little tapas are great for a buffet, but they are delicious whilst the sweet potato is still warm.
Pez Espada a la ParillaBy tapasonlineGrilled swordfish - Swordfish is a firm fish which means it tends not to fall apart when grilling. As well as being very healthy, it is also sustainable, so makes an excellent choice. Steaks are normally about 2.5cm thick which makes them ideal for this tapa.
Pastelito de Patata con QuesoBy tapasonlinePotato cakes with cheese - This recipe is really like a potato rösti, but the pimentón and some Spanish cheese can provide it with an Iberian pedigree. You can use almost any cheese, but manchego grates well and San Simón melts readily and imparts a nice smoky flavour.
Foie Gras con Vino de NaranjaBy tapasonlineFoie gras with orange wine - A very simple tapa to make, though the ingredients will need to be sourced. The flavour, however, is incredible. Orange wine is a speciality from Andalucia and the alternative is the orange liqueur, ponche. Failing that, you could use sweet white wine with a hint of orange juice.
Setas con Foie Gras y Huevo de Pato EscalfadoBy tapasonlineWoodland mushrooms with foie gras and poached duck egg - This is not a particularly difficult tapa to make, but the trick is getting the ingredients ready at the same time, especially if you are making two or more. However, it is worth the effort as it not only looks impressive, but tastes exquisite.
Salmón con Patatas y Huevo EscalfadoBy tapasonlineSalmon with potatoes and poached egg - This mini tower is quite easy to make and, with care, the presentation can look really good. You can make as many as you feel comfortable doing at the same time. Just multiply the ingredients accordingly.
Lentejas con ChorizoBy tapasonlineLentils with Chorizo - This stew is welcome as a winter warmer in northern Spain, but it makes a great tapa any time of year. Traditionally, Spanish pardina lentils would be used and cooked with the other ingredients, but this quick and easy recipe uses pre-cooked canned lentils. Sometimes, potato and green pepper are added.
GazpachoBy tapasonlineThis Andalusian cold soup must be one of the quintessential flavours of summer in Spain. It can be eaten from a bowl or, with a thinner consistency, sipped from a glass. There are many variations and some include fruit – grapes, melon and even strawberries.
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