Montaditos de Queso de Cabra y Cebolla CaramelizadaBy tapasonlineCanapés of goat's cheese with caramelized onion - the sweet, sticky onion is the perfect foil for the creamy soft goat's cheese. As they are served at room temperature, they can be made slightly in advance.
Bizcocho de ManzanaBy tapasonlineApple olive oil cake - it can be enjoyed hot or cold and ideally accompanied by a dollop of fresh cream or ice cream. Use a good quality olive oil with a nice flavour. You can use an electric whisk, but it is quite easy to mix by hand.
Sobrasada VeganaBy tapasonlineSobrasada is a traditional Balearic soft pork sausage which is found in a multitude of recipes and this ingenious vegan substitute can be used in its place. Try it in croquettes, melted into soups and stews, or simply spread on lightly toasted bread.
Garbanzos con Chorizo y AlcachofasBy tapasonlineChickpeas with chorizo and artichokes - you can use dried chickpeas: soak overnight and boil with half a teaspoon of salt. You can also buy fresh artichokes. Prepare and cook in advance.
Patatas rebozadas rellenas de SobrasadaBy tapasonlineBattered potatoes stuffed with sobrasada - a mandoline is best for this dish as the slices need to be thin enough to cook through. Chorizo may be used as an alternative; remove the skin and finely chop.
Tarta de Queso Vasca QuemadaBy tapasonlineBasque Burnt Cheesecake - the 'burnt' refers to the caramelized top produced by cooking in a hot oven. A very popular dessert, it originated in La Viña in San Sebastian, but some modern recipes add a teaspoon or two of vanilla and lemon zest.
Patatas con EspinacasBy tapasonlinePotatoes with spinach - this dish is an Andalusian classic. A healthy option and easy to prepare, but nonetheless really tasty and great as a vegetarian or vegan dish.
Arroz Meloso de Vermut y SetasBy tapasonlineCreamy rice with mushrooms and vermouth - this is one of the "wet" rice dishes as opposed to the "dry" ones like paella. The cooking process is similar to a risotto. Use a short-grain rice like Calasparra or Bomba (Arborio or Carnaroli would do as a substitute). Woodland, oyster, or shitake mushrooms work best.
Rosé SangriaBy tapasonlineRosé makes a refreshing alternative to red wine sangria. As Spanish rosé is quite dry, you may wish to sweeten it - try honey. The fruit, of course, can be varied according to taste.
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