Pulpo a la FeriaBy tapasonlineGalician ("fairgound") octopus - also known as Pulpo a la Gallega, this is a traditional dish from the region of Galicia in northern Spain. Traditionally, the octopus is tenderized by banging against a stone, but this is more easily accomplished by freezing it. The potatoes are the usual accompaniment, but sometimes the octopus is served on its own.
Merluza a la GallegaBy tapasonlineGalician-style hake - this is a very traditional recipe from Galicia in northern Spain. Cod or any firm white fish will work if hake is not available. Chorizo and peas are both popular options. Dice the chorizo and fry it in the pan with the garlic; put the peas in the stockpot with the fish.
Pimientos del Piquillo Rellenos de ArrozBy tapasonlineRoasted red peppers stuffed with red onion, pepper and tomato rice - this is one of those dishes which tastes much better than it looks. The saffron is optional really, but it does impart a nice flavour and colour. The peppers may be eaten hot or cold, in which case they can be made in advance. After cooling down, they should be kept in the ‘fridge until required.
Pastelitos de PescadoBy tapasonlineFishcakes - pastel means cake, so pastelito means little cake, hence mini fishcakes. You can use white fish, such as cod or pollack, but you may like to try smoked cod or salmon. As cute as they are tasty, the mix can be kept, covered, in the fridge for a few hours until you are ready to make the fishcakes.
Lentejas con Chorizo y Botifarra NegraBy tapasonlineLentils with chorizo and botifarra (sometimes called butifarra) negra - This dish makes a great winter warmer, but is tasty any time of year. Botifarra negra is a black (blood) pudding from Catalonia. Traditionally, Spanish pardina lentils would be used and cooked with the other ingredients, but this quick and easy recipe uses pre-cooked canned lentils.
FlanBy tapasonlineFlan must be the archetypal Spanish dessert, though the name has confused many a tourist. It is a version of crème caramel or caramel custard and makes the perfect ending to a meal. It is usually made in ramekins to produce an individual serving, but you can use a cake tin or even a specialist flanera, and cut it into portions.
Carrilleras en JerezBy tapasonlinePork cheeks in sherry with Manchego mashed potatoes - pork cheeks are a surprisingly tasty offcut of meat when cooked for a long time. If you can manage to get hold of some Spanish Ibérico pork cheeks, you will taste the difference. There is no need to use expensive sherry - a fortified wine suitable for cooking will be fine. The mashed potatoes are optional, but do make a lovely accompaniment to the sauce.
Tallarines con Pollo y ChorizoBy tapasonlineTagliatelle with chicken and chorizo - Majorcan sobrasada makes a nice alternative to chorizo. It will cook faster than chorizo, so will need to be added when the chicken is nearly cooked. You may like to add a sprinkling of grated cheese to finish off the dish.
Lentejas con ChorizoBy tapasonlineLentils with Chorizo - This stew is welcome as a winter warmer in northern Spain, but it makes a great tapa any time of year. Traditionally, Spanish pardina lentils would be used and cooked with the other ingredients, but this quick and easy recipe uses pre-cooked canned lentils. Sometimes, potato and green pepper are added.
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