Pulpo a la FeriaBy tapasonlineGalician ("fairgound") octopus - also known as Pulpo a la Gallega, this is a traditional dish from the region of Galicia in northern Spain. Traditionally, the octopus is tenderized by banging against a stone, but this is more easily accomplished by freezing it. The potatoes are the usual accompaniment, but sometimes the octopus is served on its own.
Merluza a la CazuelaBy tapasonlineSpanish-style hake - chorizo and red peppers lend an interesting flavour combination to this traditional dish. If hake is not available, cod or haddock may be used instead.
Frito de PescadoBy tapasonlineMallorcan fried fish - the ingredients for this dish are quite variable. Cuttlefish and octopus may be used, but it does require a firm white fish like monkfish. Peas are optional and green peppers and artichokes may be added.
Chipirones en SalsaBy tapasonlineBaby squid in sauce - this dish is best made with chipirones, also known as puntillitas or chopitos, the very small baby squid that are normally sourced from southern Spain, but any small squid will suffice, or you could even use a large one cut into pieces.
Bacalao de SollerBy tapasonlineSoller-style cod - this dish is traditionally made with bacalao, dried and salted cod, from which all moisture has been removed. Whilst it is obviously no longer required as a means of preservation, bacalao is still popular due to its unique flavour and texture. However, fresh cod or any similar white fish will be absolutely fine for this recipe. If you are using salt cod, it needs to be soaked for 24 hours, changing the water at least 4 times.
Salmonete con Gambas y Salsa RomescoBy tapasonlineRed mullet with king prawns and romesco sauce - you can buy ready-made romesco sauce from a specialist supplier or there is a recipe to make your own - just type "romesco" into the search bar.
Lomo de Bacalao con Salsa RomescoBy tapasonlineCod loin with romesco sauce - traditionally this dish is made with salt cod, which is bought dried and soaked. Fresh cod can be used, but bacalao does have a distinctive flavour and texture.
Merluza a la RomanaBy tapasonlineBattered hake - this classic Spanish dish is pan-fried in a simple batter of egg and flour. It can be turned into a ración or even a main course with the addition of some pan-fried potatoes or chips.
Merluza a la VascaBy tapasonlineBasque-style hake - hake with clams and green sauce from the Basque Country in northern Spain. You can use cod or haddock, but hake is more traditional.
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