Atún en Salsa de Tomate PicanteBy tapasonlineTuna with spicy tomato sauce- this recipe makes quite a dry dish, but if you prefer more sauce, simply add more tomato and white wine, adjusting the seasoning if you wish. Frozen tuna is fine - defrost it in the refrigerator before using.
Atún en AdoboBy tapasonlinePan-fried marinated tuna - use good quality tuna for this recipe - frozen is fine; just defrost in the refrigerator before dicing. The idea is for the tuna pieces to be dry enough to pick up and eat, but still tender and moist inside. You can put the them on cocktail sticks if you like and they can be served either hot or cold.
Atún EncebolladaBy tapasonlineTuna steak with onions & green peppers in white wine - Tuna is a firm-fleshed fish which lends itself to pan-cooking as it does not have a tendency to break up. It does not require much time, so be careful not to overcook it.
Pez Espada a la ParillaBy tapasonlineGrilled swordfish - Swordfish is a firm fish which means it tends not to fall apart when grilling. As well as being very healthy, it is also sustainable, so makes an excellent choice. Steaks are normally about 2.5cm thick which makes them ideal for this tapa.
Salmón con Patatas y Huevo EscalfadoBy tapasonlineSalmon with potatoes and poached egg - This mini tower is quite easy to make and, with care, the presentation can look really good. You can make as many as you feel comfortable doing at the same time. Just multiply the ingredients accordingly.
Bacalao con Sobrasada y MielBy tapasonlineCod with sobrasada and honey - Bacalao is actually salt cod, which is bought dried and then soaked. However, fresh cod or any firm white fish is fine. Swordfish and monkfish would also work well. Sobrasada is a soft Mallorcan sausage which makes a delicious sauce mixed with honey.
Patatas con CalamaresBy tapasonlinePotatoes with cuttlefish - Traditionally, this recipe from Andalucia uses cuttlefish (sepia or choco) and if you can obtain some, that is more authentic, but squid is fine.
Montaditos de SalmónBy tapasonlineThere are many versions of this canapé, but this one is quick and easy and one of the benefits of this dish is that it can be made in advance. You can add extra toppings, such as chopped cherry tomato, cucumber or caviar. Dill is the traditional garnish, but flat parsley is more Spanish.
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