Neleman Organic Bobal 2018

Neleman Organic Bobal 2018
Bodegas Neleman, Valencia 75cl  Red  ABV 14.5%

Various suppliers £14.99 – £23.99 (ours was on offer at Majestic for £9.99)

Ok, I’m a tradionalist and a crazy picture on the obverse and a blurb about being so close to nature that the deer come and taste-test the grapes doesn’t really impress me – does that make it a good wine? Well, in this case, yes, it’s a corker.

Bodegas Neleman was founded by Dutchman, Derrick Neleman, who is a pioneer in organic, vegan and carbon-neutral wines in Valencia and he has recruited the critically acclaimed winemaker, Diego Fernandez Pons. Bobal, though not particularly well-known is acually Spain’s third most-planted variety after Tempranillo and Airén. Dark red with a thick skin, it is native to Valencia.

Quite complex and fruity, with notes of black fruits, eucalyptus, leather and tobacco.

It is recommended to be paired with meat, poultry, rice, and pasta.

Quality:  Very Good +

Value for Money: Good – Very Good